Brampton Engineering Inc.

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    Brampton Engineering Inc.

    8031 Dixie Road

    +1 905 793-3000

    Our new FlwxWIN blown film winder offers the greatest versatility of any blown film winder in the market for the most demanding applications. The FlexWIN is capable of winding in center mode, surface mode, any center-surface combination percentage ration, and gap winding. For example, its center-surface combination feature allows the FlexWIN to provide center winding with surface assist. FEATURES - Center or surface winding - Center-surface combination winding - Gap winding - Bidirectional - Tapeless zero-fold-over starts - Gearless direct drive servo motors BENEFITS - Enhanced winding flexibility for all types of films - Capacity to wind films with the lowest required tensions - Ability to isolate the winding tension from upstream web tension - Improved precision and range of tension control - Improved precision and range of lay-on pressure



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